Complying with the Regulations of the Holiday Home is a fundamental requirement to be included in the rental contract. Not comply with the detailed points below may result in a penalty, such as loss or reduction of the amount paid as security.

Agree to the Regulation

1. General requirements

  • All guests (and any other visitors) must comply with all the House Rules and any other instructions of the Property Manager Garda Flow holiday home during their stay;
  • Guests are required to notify the Property Administrator of any discussion or complaint by neighbors as soon as possible.

2. Noise and neighborhood

  • Guests are fully responsible for the safety and security of their children at all times, as well as any behavior that may disturb other residents of the neighborhood.
  • Guests and visitors must minimize noise so as not to disturb the occupants of neighboring properties – especially during the night hours (23:00 – 08:00).
  • Excessive noise is barred at any time and may result in the termination of the contract, eviction, loss of the sum paid for the rent and an extra cost reduced by the amount paid as a deposit.
  • Guests and Visitors must avoid any disrespectful behavior and minimize their immediate impact on local residents.

3. Visitors

  • Guests are allowed to receive a maximum number of 1 Visitor at any time during their stay.
  • Guests are responsible for not exceeding the maximum number of visitors, and for their compliance with this Regulation.
  • Any overnight stays must be approved in advance during the booking phase and are subject to additional costs as indicated in the final price.

4. Use of the property

  • Parties and large meetings of any kind are strictly prohibited within the Property;
  • Any meetings with a reduced number of people will have to comply with the detailed noise, neighbourhood and visits already provided.

5. Parking

  • Guests and Visitors are required to comply with the parking regulations and other requirements specified below, showing respect for neighbors and other cars already parked.

6. Waste management and recycling

  • Guests and Visitors will be responsible for Waste and Recycling in accordance with the customary practices of the Holiday Home (as detailed below), must use the appropriate containers, and do not leave excesses in common or public areas.

7. Security

  • Whenever Guests leave the Holiday Home, it is their responsibility to ensure that all windows and doors are closed/ locked, in order to ensure the security of the property and prevent rainwater damage.
  • Guests must turn off the lights, air conditioning, fans, appliances such as television when they are not in use, in favor of energy saving.

8. Balcony

  • Guests must supervise infants and children at all times when using the balcony.

9. Smoking

  • Smoking is not allowed inside the Holiday Home.

10. Animals

  • The property allows pets with an extra charge of € 25 per animal, per stay.

11.Damage and breakage

  • All damages and breakages must be reported immediately to the Property Administration.
  • To avoid damage and breakage, it is advisable not to move furniture from one room to another without prior permission.
  • It is forbidden to carry off towels from the house (for example to use them at the lake).

12. Check-out procedure

  • Guests are requested to leave the rooms between 8:00 and 11:00 on the day of departure.

13. Emergency contacts

  • In case of emergecy concerning the Holiday Home, the reference contact is:

8. Compliance with Regulation

  • Failure to comply with any rule, implies the infringement  of the Terms and Conditions of stay as provided by the Rental Agreement.
  • The owner and the Administration reserve the right to revoke the possible permanence of guests if they do not comply with the rules of this house or disturb neighbors and other residents of the community.



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